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General Questions
Why does it have a image residue on a MAXHUB interactive flat panel?
The image residue phenomenon, also known as “screen burn-in”, “image burn-in”, “ghost image”, “ghosting”, “screen burn” , etc., is normal during displaying stationery image for extended period of time. In order to help maintain the best performance of the panel, we highly recommend you to set up the screen saver or avoid displaying stationery image for over 1 hour. In order to remove the burnt-in image, you can try displaying dynamic contents for a while or cooling down the device and rebooting it.
Lifespan of the device
Lifespan of devices vary depending on their design. The theoretical lifespan for the device ranges from 30,000-50,000 hours (Please refer to the product spec for further details). With a daily average operating time around 8 hours, the lifespan of the device could be anything between 6 to 8 years.
In the real circumstances though, the actually lifespan may be affected by multiple factors and in rare cases the actual lifespan may fall well below 30,000 hours. However, in those circumstances you may request technical assistance and see whether or not the warranty terms is applicable.
Which kind of screen do you use for your product?
MAXHUB uses different kinds of LCD from LG, AUO, SHARP etc.
How long is your product warranty? How to claim a breach of warranty?
The warranty terms vary from your purchase terms. An extended warranty may have been purchased already. Please contact your supplier for further details about your warranty terms and if applicable, file your claims to them.
The device is heavy. Is it safe to hang on the wall like this?
Hanging bracket for MAXHUB has been tested in various settings. The bracket and the wall mount are both robust and reliable.
But please make sure the wall is strong enough to hold the device and the installation should be in accordance with our official setup guidance. Our trusted resellers have been properly informed of those protocols and professionally trained. We have not received any report of accidents about mounting yet.
However, it is recommended that you inform your supplier in detail the status of the wall as a safety precaution.
Why the new MAXHUB has dark (or bright) points on the screen?
Those point(s), often displaying constantly in black or white is(are) called defective pixel(s). In LCD manufacture, it is common for a display to be manufactured that has a number of pixels defects. Based on ISO13406-2, LCD displays are categorised into four classes. Our LCD panels lie in Class II, whereby a number of defective pixels is generally accepted.
Where can I use the electromagnetic stylus (pen)?
The electromagnetic stylus is compatible with MAXHUB ultimate series interactive flat panels.
Where do I keep the styli (pens)?
In order not to lose the styli, we strongly advise you to develop a habit of placing the styli on the pen rest or pen box once you complete your session with MAXHUB interactive flat panels. Generally there are two kinds of styli:
For ordinary styli that come with the standard series interactive flat panels, you can put them on the magnetic pen rests.
For electromagnetic styli that come with the ultimate series interactive flat panels, you can put them in the pen box (sold separately).
Why do the cameras on MAXHUB keep switching automatically?
Congratulations on unlocking a new hidden feature for MAXHUB ultimate series interactive flat panels.
Once the MAXHUB smart camera is selected for your teleconference app or camera app. It may switch according to the speaker’s location. In order not to obstruct the camera on the left bezel and right bezel. A smart switch algorithm will help MAXHUB use the camera on the top along with the camera from the OPPOSITE direction to the speaker so as to not let the speaker obstruct the camera when standing close by. This could be disabled though by selecting one of the three cameras on top, left and right sides, in which case the cameras would not automatically switch again.
Does a MAXHUB interactive flat panel have a microphone?
Sure it does. Actually it has SIX. The microphones are not only for voice collection but also for voice enhancement, noise cancellation and the smart switch for the cameras on ultimate series.
Why is the brightness of the screen constantly changing when I am using the MAXHUB interactive flat panel?
On a MAXHUB interactive flat panel, the brightness would change automatically according to the lighting conditions of your room so as to achieve optimal display effect. In case you want the device to keep a constant level of brightness, you can turn off the auto-adjustment in settings.
Why does my MAXHUB interactive flat panel switch off automatically?
Don’t worry. In those circumstances only the display is turned off. It is actually running in stand-by mode. In order to save the energy and extend the lifespan of the device, a MAXHUB interactive flat panel will automatically turn off its display once left idle. You can wake up the display by pressing on the power button or tapping on the screen.
How do I connect MAXHUB with external cameras or microphones?
Usually we recommend you connect your external speakerphones and/or cameras with USB cable(s) with the PC module inserted to a MAXHUB interactive flat panel. For most of the trusted brands in the market, their cameras or speakerphones work perfectly well on MAXHUB. But in some rare cases, due to the lousy cable quality or the external devices being in poor condition, they may not work as they were supposed to.
Besides, you may find the built-in cameras and microphones on MAXHUB interactive flat panels are brilliant as well. Give it a shot!
Whiteboard & Writing
Why did the strokes appear to be discontinuous on the panel when I was writing?
MAXHUB is supposed to write smoothly and responsively with touch inputs. Please contact us if your problem still remains after completing following steps:
Clear up the screen if there are any dust, water drops, cobwebs etc;
Try drawing circular lines along the edges of the screen continuously;
See if your stroke stopped unexpectedly during the process.
Let us know if the problem stays unresolved.
Why I cannot write continuously with my finger on MAXHUB ultimate series?
Uh huh. Actually that is because you have been writing with your FINGERNAIL. Due to the PCAP touch technology on MAXHUB ultimate series, fingernails don’t have capacity big enough to be detected (just like on a mobile phone). Instead, we recommend you touch the panel with the skin on your finger.
Why the smart pen (stylus) cannot write on the MAXHUB ultimate series interactive flat panel?
MAXHUB ultimates series interactive flat panels use PCAP and EMR touch technology. If you are using the stylus (pen) that come with a MAXHUB ultimate series interactive flat panel, check if the battery has been depleted. Replace the battery when necessary. If the problem still remains, contact our technical support. If you are using a third party stylus (pen), we recommend you check the compatibility with the manufacturer.
Does a MAXHUB interactive flat panel support multiple touch points?
Yes. Both standard and ultimate series feature multiple touch points.
However, in the built-in whiteboard, you can write with one finger only. Multi-finger touch is designed for gesture control like zooming and dragging. On MAXHUB ultimate series interactive flat panels though, you can write in the built-in whiteboard with two EMR styli (electromagnetic pens) at the same time, provided that the two styli are in different colours (colour of the rings in the middle of the pens being different).
In Windows Paint and other whiteboard application though, you may achieve ten points writing at the same time.
What if I cannot write with two styli at the same time?
Make sure you are writing in the built-in whiteboard on a MAXHUB ultimate series flat panel. The two styli should be in different colours (one of the ring is silver, the other in black). Check if both the styli have enough battery, replace the battery if necessary. If the problem stays unresolved, try restarting the whiteboard app or rebooting the device.
Why can I write with only one finger?
MAXHUB is dedicated to simplify your board writing. Multi-finger touch is designed for gesture control like zooming and dragging. You can install other whiteboard applications on a MAXHUB interactive flat panel to allow multi-finger writing.
How do I write within a single page with too much contents?
In the built-in whiteboard, you can drag the canvas with two fingers in all directions or zoom in or out for extended space for writing.
What is the scale range I can zoom into?
Currently, the whiteboard scaling is 30%-300%, you can't continue zooming beyond this range.
How many pages does it have in the built-in board?
MAXHUB supports up to 20 pages in a single presentation file. For additional pages, you can open a new file and continue your board-writing.
How to save and share meeting minutes from the built-in whiteboard?
You can choose to save the meeting minutes to local drive or to send them via email. Please make sure you have successfully setup your outbox in the settings before proceeding to send the files.
What are the supported picture formats for changing the background of the built-in whiteboard?
PNG, JPG, BMP are supported for changing the background. Resolution of the picture should exceed 8000*6000. Its size should be smaller than 20MB.
How do I delete pages in the built-in whiteboard?
Tap on the page number button at the lower right corner, then tap on the "Trash" icon at the upper right corner of the page preview.
How many steps can I undo?
Currently, the MAXHUB whiteboard only supports undo 10 steps.
Screen share
System requirement for wireless screen-share dongle
Windows(win7 or above), Mac(OS X10.9 or above)
Why does it disconnects multiple times during wireless screen-share?
Please try below procedure:
Check if the WiFi module is properly inserted into the slot. (It should be at the bottom of the lower bezel.) please re-plug the module to have a try.
Restart the wireless hotspot to have a try.
Try removing the metal objects between the wireless screen-share dongle and the device.
Contact your IT engineer and make sure the network suppressing function (WIDS/WIPS)of your wireless routers is turned off.
The wireless screen-share interface on PC says
Please try below procedure:
Check if the WiFi module is properly inserted into the slot. (It should be at the bottom of the lower bezel.) please re-plug the module to have a try.
Re-pair the wireless screen-share dongle with the MAXHUB interactive flat panel.Restart the wireless hotspot to have a try.
Please contact your IT engineer and make sure the network suppressing function (WIDS/WIPS)of your wireless routers is turned off.
Should above procedures fail to resolve the problem, contact technical support.
After plugged the transmitter in the PC, why there will be a prompt
Just find the CD driver of transmitter and run the screenshare application.
How many MAXHUB wireless screen-share dongles can a MAXHUB interactive flat panel work with?
Up to 8 dongles are supported in the same time on a MAXHUB interactive flat panel.
What is the operating distance of MAXHUB wireless screen-share dongle?
Laboratory test results show that the wireless screen-share dongle works well within 12m range with MAXHUB interactive flat panel. However, actually operational distance may vary due to environmental factors.
How long is the delay from wireless screen-share dongle?
Average delay is 200ms when screen-sharing via screen-share dongle. However, actually operational distance may vary due to environmental factors.
It appears to be discontinuous during wireless screen-sharing?
The wireless screen-share dongle transmits video stream in 15-25 frames/sec. Frame rate may change depending on the actual connection status. In order to improve the performance of wireless screen-share, frame skip(s) may occur when network has been poorly connected.
How soon can I make ready the dongle for wireless screen-sharing?
In most cases, the dongle would be ready within 30s to share the screen from your devices after plugging. For those devices with driver installed, the dongle would be ready in 15s.
Is it necessary to connect the MAXHUB to Ethernet or Wi-Fi for wireless screen-sharing?
Not necessary. Even without external connection, wireless screen sharing is still available for your devices.
Can I use multiple wireless screen-share dongles to connect to a MAXHUB interactive flat panel?
Yes, up to 8 dongles connection is supported with a MAXHUB interactive flat panel. However, only four of the connected devices are allowed to share their screens onto the interactive flat panel. There are two different ways to share your screen:
Press the button on the dongle to allow full-screen, exclusive wireless screen-sharing.
Press and hold the button on the dongle to join other shared screens in split-view mode.
Can I use one wireless screen-share dongle to project my screen onto multiple MAXHUB interactive flat panels?
No, you can’t.
How can I hide my mouse cursor when share the screen on MAXHUB?
You can choose to turn off the capture cursor function in the "Options/Capture Cursor" on the computer screen share software interface, and the cursor would be hidden.
Would be possible to use MAXHUB interactive flat panel as an extended display?
A MAXHUB interactive panel could be an extended display for your Windows PC, but not for a Mac
In the screen-share software application, select the "capture expansion screen" function”, then switch the "Options/Capture Expansion Screen" button, the receiver interface will be displayed as an extension screen.
How to improve the clarity of the extended display, like changing the resolution?
The extended screen has the same resolution as your screen-shared Windows PC. If you want to improve the resolution, go to "Control Panel Appearance and Personalisation Display Screen Resolution"
Why can't I share my sound to the panel from a Mac?
You can manually switch your sound output device on your Mac by choosing "Soundflower(2ch)".
How do I avoid my computer from being reverse controlled via screen touching on the panel?
By default, touch feedback is enabled during the screen-sharing, however, you can still choose to disable it from the screen-share application by clicking on
Why can’t the MAXHUB reverse control the Windows PC via screen touching during screen-sharing?
You can try the following steps:
1)Enable the touch screen function on the screen-share app.
2)Try to temporarily close the anti-virus software and re-plug the transmitter.
3)Confirm whether or not you are screen-share your PC and use the MAXHUB interactive flat panel as an extended display. Touch feedback is not supported on an extended display during screen-sharing. If you want to change the display options, press “Win+P” and select “duplicate” to enable touch feedback.
4)The touch service may be disabled in your screen-shared PC. Open "control panelall control panel itemsmanagement tools" and open the "service", and then find the "Tablet Input Service"(Win 8 or above is called "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service") to check if the service status is enabled. Then try replugging the transmitter to try again, if the problem still remains, contact technical support.
How do I turn the pages in the full-screen PPT presentation on MAXHUB panel during screen-sharing?
There are at least two ways to turn the slides:
1)Turn by tapping a button: You may find buttons for turning pages on either of the lower corners of MAXHUB interactive flat panel during powerpoint presentation.
2)Turn by swiping on the screen: Swipe to right for next page, or swipe to the left for previous page.
How to I right click during screen-sharing?
On a MAXHUB interactive panel, mouse clicking could be replaced by touch inputs.
Same with other touch devices:

Tap to for a click
Tap and hold for a right click
Tap and drag (or swipe) for click and move.
Why can't I scroll the webpage in the browser during screen-sharing?
For a Windows PC, you can drag to scroll the webpage in various browsers. However, depending on their settings, some browser may not allow you to scroll the webpage via touch input. Try updating the browser or tap on the arrow in the browser to scroll instead.
For a Mac unfortunately, we still cannot achieve the drag and scroll during webpage surfing.
The MAXHUB interactive flat panel doesn’t seem so clear when I am screen-sharing my device playing UHD videos?
MAXHUB screen-share will transmit the video with up to FHD resolution(1080P). The actual resolution will match the resolution of the screen-shared device when the device is set to a resolution no greater than 1080P.
Will it reduce the resolution during screen-sharing?
In order to achieve a stable transmission, the resolution for screen-share is set to be no greater than 1080P
The screen-share dongle fails to connect and shows an error code -6005.
6005 means the dongle was paired with an X3 model and then being used on an older model of MAXHUB interactive flat panel.
Contact technical support for a solution.
The dongle could connect the MAXHUB, but then the screen turned black and showed nothing after pressing the button on the dongle.
It may be compatible issue. Please update the firmware to the latest version and re-pair the dongle.
If the problem still remains, contact technical support.
The screen share software does not show the connection code.
Please update to the latest firmware and PC suite. Contact technical support for guidance.
If the problem still remains, try temporarily disable the firewall or antivirus software.
Launch the task manager to see if the process “MaxhubAirReceiver.exe” is running. If yes, try changing the adapter settings to obtain IP address and DNS address automatically.
If you still fail to resolve the issue, contact technical support.
I can’t see the Airplay icon on my Mac for screen-sharing.
Please make sure you are connected to the hotspot of the MAXHUB interactive flat panel.
On your Mac, open the system preferences, then choose Displays. Make sure you tick the box "Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available"
My antivirus software identifies a virus whenever plugging in the wireless screen-share dongle.
It is a misinformation of the antivirus software. Please add the “USWT” software which is the driver of dongle to the white list of the antivirus software. Please kindly tell us its name and we will make contact.
Pairing successful notification didn’t pop up after plugging the dongle to the MAXHUB interactive flat panel.
Please try the following:
Update the PC Suite on the MAXHUB interactive flat panel. Contact technical support.
If the problem still remains, contact technical support.
Error occurred during paring the screen-share dongle with MAXHUB interactive flat panel?
Please try the following:
Please make sure you have switched on the hotspot of the MAXHUB interactive flat panel;
Update the firmware of MAHXUB interactive flat panel;

Replug the wifi-module, which is on the bottom side of the panel.
The SL01 fails to connect with MAXHUB interactive flat panel and shows message
Please try the following:
Please check if the USB cable is connected to the USB3.0 port of MAXHUB interactive flat panel (not the ones on PC module, but the one on the lower side).
Please pair the SL01 with MAXHUB before using it. Just plug the cable into the USB port of MAXHUB interactive flat panel.
If the problem still remains, please contact technical support.
APP Store
Where can I uninstall the installed app?
MAXHUB only provides one way to uninstall the APP currently, you can use the application store management to uninstall APP.
Where to open the app after downloading it by myself?
Click on the web page to download a certain software, click the upper-right button (three points in a row), click "tools", open the relevant download programs, you can open the relevant software in "more"
Does the finder(file browser) support flash drive?
Portable drives are supported in the finder app, those with storage bigger than 64GB may not work properly due to Android system limit. If the drive has been partitioned, it will be displayed as multiple storages.
What kind of video formats are supported?
A MAXHUB interactive panel supports AVC, MPEG-4, HEVC, MPEG-2, REALVIDEO-4, WMV2, WMV3 formats.
Welcome interface
What kind of image formats does the welcome page support?
PNG, JPG, BMP formats are supported. Recommended resolution is 1920*1080.
Does the font and color of welcome interface be editable?
Hello, currently, text editing and template selection function are supported for welcome interface, thank you for your advice!
Can I delete the images on the welcome page?
The pictures in the templates cannot be deleted. However, you can still deleted the ones you inserted.
External Inputs
What if it shows “abnormal” after external device connected to the VGA?
After an external device is connected to a MAXHUB interactive flat panel, a button will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, tap to initiate calibration.
Why does MAXHUB play no sound after connecting the VGA cable with my own device?
A VGA cable alone doesn’t transmit audio signals.
Make sure that the audio cable is connected at the same time.
Then, if necessary, go to control panel->Sound->Switch the audio output device to MAXHUB. And please make sure you are actually playing some audio from your device.
Why does it have a colour cast after connecting the VGA cable?
Please re-plug the VGA cable, if there is still color cast after re-plug, please replace the VGA cable and try again.
Can I touch control the computer via MAXHUB panel when using VGA / HDMI cable?
When you use the VGA/HDMI cable, another touch cable is necessary for transmitting touch signals if you want to achieve touch feedback function. Please note that the length of the touch cable shall not exceed 8m.
How do I switch to VGA/HDMI/Screenshare channel?
A button will appear in the lower right corner of the screen when you connect the device to the VGA/HDMI port or Screen-share, tap to select the channel that you wish to switch to.
Why the brightness of the screen is so dark?
You can get into the setting menu to adjust the brightness. Or tap on the three line icon from the side bar for brightness adjustment.
How to adjust the volume of the system?
Volume adjustment can be done in slide bar and setting menu.
Will the "Init TV" erase all data on the device?
Yes, all data no the device will be erased and restore to factory settings.
How can I restore default settings while keeping all the data?
Unplug the pc module to keep all your files saved on Windows OS.
Please backup the files in the Android system with an external drive before restoring the settings.
Why does it remind to me to update?
When connected to the Internet, a MAXHUB interactive flat panel will automatically check the latest firmware. It may notify you if there is a newer version available.
What if I dismissed the update notification by accidentally?
After rebooting the device, it will notify you again with the update.
Does the system update erase all my previous data?
Online update will not affect the saved data & settings.
What if system update failed?
Power off and unplug the device, keep it idle for 10s before replugging the power, then reboot the device as you normally would.
What can I do if I do not have any modules inserted on the MAXHUB interactive flat panel?
The MAXHUB interactive flat panel has a built-in Android system that works without a PC module. However, a wifi module is necessary for wireless screen-share and network connection.
How to update the firmware?
Please refer to the following:
Prepare a flash drive in FAT32 format with at least another 8GB storage available;
Unzip the file, copy the firmware named "upgrade_551" in the root directory of flash drive, do NOT rename it;
Shut down the MAXHUB interactive flat panel;
Plug the flash drive in the USB 3.0 port (the one in blue on the lower side of the device) on the panel (not the PC module);
Boot the the device by pressing on the power button and hold for approximately 6s till the light starts blinking;
It will be updated automatically.
Please contact technical support for guidance or assistance.
Why does the screen automatically turn off?
When left idle for a certain period of time, a MAXHUB interactive flat panel will enter sleep mode automatically. The time period can be changed in the settings.
How does the device connect to the Internet?
Connect the RJ45 port on the lower right corner of the device or connect the wireless network with a WiFi module (on the bottom side of the device)
Why I set the screen protection and screen sleep time in the same time, but sometimes it is screen protection and sometime it is screen sleep?
Sleep mode will turn off the display without interrupting the ongoing tasks. If the device enters sleep mode before the screensaver, it will not play the screensaver animation.
How do I set screensaver in the stead of the sleep mode?
Set the screensaver while disable the sleep mode in settings.
Can I use a third-party camera or microphones?
Yes, you can connect the camera, or the microphone to the front USB port of the device, or the USB port on the PC module. The settings window will automatically pop-up when the device detects an external device.
Why can't I select the earphone output or line out output?
Only when you have connected the headphone or line out cable with an external audio output device will you see the option.
What's the difference between earphone and line out output?
Earphone and line out signals come from the same audio interface. The main difference between the two lies in output power. Earphone output power is comparatively small and line out power is bigger. If you use the earphone or small power amplifier.
What is it about, the HDMI setting?
The HDMI settings is for your device appears to be flickering due to encoding settings. The HDMI settings may address the issue.
Why does it take so long for restoring to factory settings?
The factory reset will restore the settings in the PC module and then restore the MAXHUB interactive flat panel. The time cost varies, depending on the size of the saved contents.
What is it about, the privacy settings?
You can open the camera or audio application in privacy setting.
How do I take a picture with the built-in camera?
From the side bar, tap on camera to take a selfie.
How do I update the Windows 10 preinstalled in the PC module?
Yes, you may update the system by enable the Windows Update from the Windows service configuration. By default, it is disabled to ensure a stable, uninterrupted experience.
However, please do not UPGRADE or DOWNGRADE the system to another version of Windows system because it may not be compatible.
When plug in the LAN cable, the network is fail to work.
Please refer to the following:
Please check if the cable could work when connected with other computers;
Please ask the IT engineer if the network card was set with a fixed IP address;
Please check if the USB network card is set to obtain IP address automatically.
Contact technical support.
The buttons of side bar do not work, do not respond even after tapping.
This may have been caused by the wrong match of main version and minor version. Please update the firmware to the latest version. If you still fail to solve the problem, contact technical support.
Failed to save a video from the screen recorder?
Please check if the firmware is updated to the latest version and update the firmware.
Check if the USB network card is set to obtain IP address automatically.
Check if a third party firewall software was installed. Try temporarily disabling the firewall.
Check with the IT engineer if he has set other network limitation or configuration. Temporarily remove the restrictions and have a try.
Check if there is enough storage in the hard drive.